Why Us?


We are an established and respected tour organizer, through which we can ensure the highest standard of service throughout the tour. We have experienced, qualified staff, years of experience operating tours to Buenos Aires and we provide a personal, adventurous service.

SAFETY: We take the welfare of our clients as the highest priority and will do anything to ensure their safety. Through careful planning, risk management and with years of experience of operation in Buenos Aires, Argentina Tango is the perfect option for you

EXPERIENCE: When you book a tour with Argentina Tango you get Argentina Tango! Other companies have “representatives” to operate on their behalf, not us; you get us; the most experienced and qualified team to look after you and your group. All of our group leaders/guides have international qualifications in their fields and several years of experience working on tours in Buenos Aires Argentina.

ADVENTURE: We go to exciting locations away from the normal tourist route. Our ethos is to keep your time in a vehicle/group to a minimum giving a greater experience.
We immerse our clients in the outdoors, culture, wildlife and unique geographical features that Buenos Aires and Argentina has to offer.

PERSONAL: What better way to plan a tour for you and your group than to speak directly to your us. From your first inquiry, to the action and fun of your adventure, you will be dealing with a friendly, professional team that will all be active in your chosen tour. Our tours are fully hosted and we there for you when you need us from arrival to departure.

CULTURE: The people of Buenos Aires and Argentina as a whole are a mixture of numerous culture and an Important aspect of Argentina Tango tours is to interact you with local people.
The results are often marked and profound on the visiting group with a first hand experience of another 'world' in South America.

Why choose the Argentina Tango Group Tour to Buenos Aires?

  • We've been offering tango tours to Buenos Aires for many years and have all the contacts and the know-how in Buenos Aires.
  • All our tango teachers are experienced, qualified to teach tango, and speak English. This is an extremely important aid to your learning if you don't speak Spanish.
  • We have teachers that enjoy what they do and are passionate about it and will not try to pull the wool over your eyes. For you to dance and dance well is their motivation.
  • They are talented, recognized tango teachers well-known around the world.
  • We ask what passionate tango lovers want--and we work hard to deliver it by exceeding all expectations.
  • We have students all over the world that have traveled to Buenos Aires to participate in Argentina Tango. You can be one of them.
  • Going to Milongas in Buenos Aires could be hit and miss. You need to know which one to go to on what day and at what time.
  • We will take you to the best Milongas in Buenos Aires. Dancing the tango at one of the many Buenos Aires Milongas is not like dancing in any other milongas around the world. You have to see it and dance it to believe it.
  • It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Tango sounds, looks, and feels better in the Mecca of Tango Buenos Aires. You are surrounded by passionate tango dancers both young and old.
  • Our tours are geared towards you having the best experience possible in Buenos Aires, and there is always a bilingual person available to you and the group 24/7.
  • He or she will be there for you to suggest activities, restaurants, shopping spots, and will also make sure everything is going smoothly and that all your special needs are addressed.
  • We are there for you when you need us. Feel free to also go out on your own whenever you want. Do not miss out on any activities you have chosen to be part of in Buenos Aires.
  • Our level of quality and excellent customer service is unparalleled in the Buenos Aires tango world. We are an international bunch form the Argentina, United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.
  • We offer you first-class accommodations, transfers, activities, and tours.
  • We know that if you are willing to leave home and come to Buenos Aires, it is because you want the best tango experience possible. No other can give it to you but ArgentinaTango.com. We look forward to being of service to you.