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General FAQ

I have never danced before and want to learn

Easy like Sunday morning, we encourage you not to worry and book that flight now. Everyone had to be a beginner at some point and what better place to begin than Buenos Aires??We promise we will give all the support you could possibly need and have you dancing in no time. All teachers are recommended or chosen because they are right for you. We don't recommend because we know the teachers or are family; we recommend and choose because they are the best for you. Our teachers will get you dancing from the first class. You don't believe it? Take a chance and make that booking you will not regret it.

What do I need to get started?

You worry too much! Tango isn't like any other dance: all you need is your two legs, your head and your heart. Bring them here and we will match them with another two legs, head and heart?.which then become one, once you start to dance. Besides that all you need are shoes, nice elegant clothes for Milongas, right classes and good teachers and with the right attitude you can't go wrong.

I want to improve my tango

Well.....come to Buenos Aires! Let argentinatango.com help you improve your dancing skills with experienced teachers? Come, you are in good hands. All teachers are recommended or chosen because they are right for you. We don't recommend because we know the teachers or are family; we recommend and choose because they are the best for you. As a result you get the best teachers to help you improve your tango.

Why should I book argentinatango.com?

You can't get the professional, prices and quality services Argentina Tango.com is offering.

Save yourself a lot of time and money.

Get into the swing of things immediately without losing any moments of fun and dancing.

Get the right teacher for you at the right time and place.

People recommend teachers because they are family, friends or commission...we don't.

Our teachers are recommended or chosen because they are right for you in a professional manner.

Our teachers will get you dancing from the start and not trick you in loosing your dollars.

Learn correct tango style for you and fast.

Get to dance at Milongas when you want without worrying whether anyone will dance with you or not.

Get known quickly as a good Tango dancer that equals dancing all of the time.

Maximize your Tango dancing capacity.

Optimize your Tango creativity.

Organize the best accommodation for you, the type you will choose yourself.

We show you how your Dollars/Euros/Sterling can go a long way in Buenos Aires.

By letting we prepare the way for you; you make your life easy here.

Argentinatango.com will help you dance, dance and dance Tango till you drop.

No money exchanging hands..All done online so you know what you are paying for & can keep track of your money.

Provide all the services you could possibly need in Buenos Aires.

If you want to spend your time here doing exactly what you came here for without losing any moments and money but thinking of stepping softly on the dance floors of Buenos Aires Milongas?..So don't waste your time and money and Book Now you will not regret it.

What will happen if I don't book?

Loosing a lot of money, time, trust and energy and not learning anything in Buenos Aires. Well, you arrive in Buenos Aires and find your way somehow to your arrange accommodation. You are not please with it but decided you are here only for a short time so you stayed. You arrange a teacher because someone recommends them. After paying a lump sum, you discover that the teacher is not the right for you. You decided to go for the famous teachers (Because you think they must be good) and you realize they are not the one for you and you have paid top dollars. You get frustrated, confuse and on trusting. But you still have not learned or improve your tango. You have problems with the language and there is a lot of dollars lost in translations. We can tell you a lot of bad stories but is not our job to do that and we are not going to scare you. Remember however that Argentina Tango.com was born from Experts experience in Buenos Aires. 

Don't book if you want to come to Buenos Aires and spend the first 95% of your time looking for what you want exactly and can't find it until your last remaining 5% time but by then you have spend countless of dollars/Euros and is too late to enjoy what you found to the full because you are going back home.

What does the process involve?

Not much, you decided what services or package you want and book it. Send us your dates and by the time you arrive everything will be ready for you. You no longer have to wait for anyone or company to come to Buenos Aires . You come when you want and how you want it. We pick you up from the airport, take you to your accommodation, brief you and give you your schedule for each day and immediately you are in the swing of things.

What if I don't like your arrangements when I arrive in Buenos Aires?

Easy, we refund your money/payments immediately. Our job is to give you the best service, value for money and experience in Buenos Aires.

Why do I need a private tango teacher?

Your time in Buenos Aires is short and you have come too far away not to get the best out of the Capital of Tango. Private classes is the quickest way to achieve your aim in Tango unless of course you live here and attend classes every week for at least 6 months; this is not an option for most people. What you learn in one private class is equivalent to what you will learn in a month of a group class, depending on your level and talent of course. Group classes are great but you need time to benefit a great deal. People who live here goes to classes every week throughout the year. Don't waist your time you are only in the Capital of tango probably once in a year and you need to get the best out of it. Don't wait till you come back again only now matters and why leave what you can do today till tomorrow?

Why should I book accommodation with you?

Because we will not put you in a place not fit to live. There are many stories we can tell you, organizing apartment through a friends mother turning out to be a cold apartment in winter. The location is not accessible, the standard is low. We can tell you so much but there is no point. People mean well but what they call comfortable here might not be what you see as comfortable. Our boss is from Europe and insists on high standard of the West as a result all our accommodation are specially vetted.

I'm coming on my own - will I find this a problem?

Absolutely not! Nearly 70% of our clients chose to come to Buenos Aires Argentina alone knowing that we are here to give them the best. Argentina Tango is about the sharing of a great social experience which can be equally enjoyed whether you come on your own, accompanied or as a group. We also have services that cater for your needs here in Buenos Aires if you come alone. We have Buenos Aires companion, tango partners, personal shopper etc. So come and do not wait for anyone to fulfill your dreams.

What age are people who go with Argentina Tango?

Argentina Tango is for all ages and all levels of Argentina Tango. Our tango experience, travel and adventure are non-discriminatory and absolutely everyone is welcome whatever their age, Argentina Tango ability, or level.

How many people generally go on Argentina Tango Trip?

The amount of people or size of each group depends on the time of year and when they have holiday form work. Our groups range in size from 6 to 20. Speak to us and let us know when and what you are interested in.

I live in Europe, Asia and USA ? Where do I start my Argentina Tango Trip?

You can join our programme from wherever you are in the world direct to your chosen destination - we offer flight exclusive prices on all holidays to give you this flexibility.

What happens when I arrive at the Airport?

Argentina Tango transfer is as reliable as you can possibly expect form a reputable company. Once you confirm your Itinerary with us, on your arrival date one of our representative will be at the airport waiting to meet you.

Can I join the Argentina Tango Trip on different dates?

What we do is to make life easy and free for you so that you do not have to depend on anyone to be in Buenos Aires. We have set dates for some packages but you can choose your own dates that suit you. It does not matter when, we are ready to receive you and give you the best of Tango, Buenos Aires and Argentina.

Is there a supplement if I choose a single room?

It depends on your accommodation choices. If you choose apartment/tango guesthouse, what we quote you is what you pay as single or as two sharing. Hotels tend to charge a room rate rather than a rate per person. This means that if you wish to have a room to yourself there will be a supplement to pay (since our prices are based on one person sharing a twin room). If you would prefer to share a room (thus avoiding the supplement), we can find you roommate for the duration of your stay.

How far are the tango studios from my accommodation?

We carefully plan your trip so that that your accommodation and Studios are not far away from each other.

I am a beginner. Do you cater for me?

Absolutely! - Up to 50% of those who come on Argentina Tango are Beginners. Argentina Tango has a unique way of giving intensive tango tuition and condensed tango practice over a short space of time. In the busy times that we live in, this is the perfect way to quickly master the basics! You'll go home having acquired new skills to build upon, as well as a new discovered passion.

Why should I take the intensive packages?

Argentina Tango intensive tango tuition and tango practice are designed to give you the best and the most in a short space of time. In the busy times that we live in, this is the perfect way to quickly master the basics! You'll go home having acquired new skills to build upon, as well as a new discovered passion.

What levels of tango do you cater for?

Argentina Tango caters for all levels from Complete Beginners to Advanced.

Do I need to bring a tango partner?

About 80% of our clients come by themselves or without a tango partner. We have personal tango partner that can easily be organize for you. In the case of a group, we keep the number of men and women equal, so there are partners for you to dance with.

What happens if there is an imbalance in gender within the group?

We always do our best to ensure that there are roughly equal numbers of men and women on the group classes/package. We do this by either limiting the place on allocation to ensure a balance or, where possible we use our personal tango partners to help out in classes. We also offer personal tango partner at a very reasonable rates.

What is the ratio of pupils to teachers?

We take care to ensure that you get the most out of Argentina Tango classes. For this reason, we ensure that the classes aren't overcrowded. The maximum number is 6 people and minimum is one.

Are the tango Studios air conditioned?

Where possible (and especially in the summer) we work with air conditioned studios.

What languages are the tango classes taught in?

In the main, we work with English-speaking tango teachers. When students can understand Spanish we get out teachers to teach in Spanish. We do not work with translations in our classes.

How much do I need to budget for?

Is really up to you, all our prices are displayed on the site and there are no hidden charges/cost.

Is there a discount?

We are extremely competitive and do not have any form of discounts.

Do you offer discounts for children?

This will depend on the circumstances; we in general do not have discounts policy simply because we are extremely competitive. Accommodation policies do however varies that might allow for discounts.

Is there a discount available if I bring a group?

We offer different incentives and packages for group bookings. Please contact us with the needs of your group.

Group Tango Tour FAQS

What is Buenos Aires like?

Every year, more and more people from overseas choose Buenos Aires to retire or to call home. Buenos Aires has beautiful parks. Family-owned coffee shops that have been around for over 100 years can be found on almost every corner, as well as artists. The architecture will take your breath away.

Buenos Aires also has some of the best restaurants in the world. For Argentineans, steaks are not only food but also nearly a religion. You will never, ever have a tastier steak anywhere else. We guarantee it. If you thought New York was the city that never sleeps when it comes to going out, wait until you go to Buenos Aires. People dance all night long and leave the nightclubs way after the sun starts to shine above the horizon.

Outside Buenos Aires you will find estancias, rural areas where the gauchos live. These Argentinean cowboys are typical. When you visit an estancia, you will go horseback riding and eat the best asado (barbecue) of your life, prepared by an authentic gaucho.

How safe is Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is very safe. Like any other country in the world, you need to take the kind of precautions you normally take at home. You have absolutely nothing to worry about in Argentina. Your host will make sure that you always stay in safe areas. She is a local and knows where it's safe and where it might not be. In Buenos Aires, you might find a personbegging for money. It's your choice whether you want to give him a couple of coins. Nothing will happen to you if you decide not to give him money.

Do I need a visa to go to Argentina?

No, you don't. Only people who stay more than three months in Argentina need a visa.

Is Buenos Aires expensive?

 No, for example a meal at a good restaurant ranges from $5-$30 pesos ($2 US to $10 US), depending on where you eat, of course

What are people in Buenos Aires like?

Buenos Aires is full of Argentines, and Argentineans are very friendly. If you are visiting from abroad, many Argentines who are curious will always ask, Where you are from? Why did you come to Argentina? Do you like Argentina? Have you tried the meat? Do you like football? They are not shy about asking and you will instantly make a lot of friends.

The people of Argentina care about their looks. Their clothes are spotless; both men and women like to be seen and noticed, though actually very conservative. Argentineans are fun. Even if some of them have personal or work problems, you will always see them smiling, telling jokes, and trying to make you laugh.

Do you offer tours for everybody, regardless of dancing level, age, and gender?

Yes. It doesn't matter whether you are 20 or 60 years old. It doesn't matter if you've won tango awards or are a beginner who is eager to learn. We always have a tour for you. Every one can enjoy this tour. Even though this is an exclusive tango tour, you are not obligated to take the daily tango instructions. We will be glad to assist you in taking different city tours or visiting the museums and much more.

Can I come alone?

Yes, you can. In Buenos Aires, we are the only people that offer tango partners for the group as part of the package. Most others charge you for it as an option. This is really because they don't know what they are doing. Many people come alone, and it has never been an issue.

What makes Argentina Tango Tours so special?

Argentina Tango offers a variety of experiences in a very special setting. You are not confined to your hotel room. You have the freedom to do what you want to do while getting a great discount as part of a group. You will actually learn or improve your tango with us in a fun and comfortable environment. All our classes are held in our dance studios in Buenos Aires, not in peoples’ living rooms. What you pay before you leave home is what you need to pay. There are no hidden charges. All access to Milongas, transfers, tango partners, etc., are included. Others make you pay extra for this on arrival; we don't.

Will the Tango instructors give private lessons?

Yes they will. You can get private lessons in one of our dance studios. You can book this before you arrive, too.

How is the weather in Buenos Aires?

The seasons in Buenos Aires are opposite those in Europe and the US. In the fall and winter (April to September), Buenos Aires may get as cold as 32ºF or 36ºF. In the spring and summer (October to March), it is very nice with temperatures of 68ºF to 77ºF.

When are the tours?

Please see the set dates on the group tour page; we have dates throughout the year.

Can I have my own private group?

Yes you can have your own group, and you can even set your own dates to suit you and your group. Please contact us to put together your own group.

Who is going to be my tango instructor?

We have qualified and experienced tango teachers who are well-known around the world.

Where will I be staying?

Our tours include 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotels with great amenities; it’s your choice in which one you will stay.

What are the hotels like?

Buenos Aires is an international city with quality hotels. We have handpicked some that we work with, but we are flexible and can change to any other hotel that you want.

What about transportation?

Once you arrive in Buenos Aires, all transfers to all activities are included in our packages except classes. Classes are usually around the corner (in our dance studios), close to your hotel. We meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel. We transport you from the hotel to all activities and back to the hotel.  When you are leaving at the end of your stay, we take you back to the airport. Our transportation is handled by a professional company, not our cousins or friends, and you will always be comfortable.

Does Argentina Tango help me book my flight?

Yes, we can help. We have customers from different parts of the world, so we can't include the airfare in the tour price, but we can book the flights for you, if you so desire. If there are 10 or more people from leaving from the same airport, we can get you great discounts from the airlines.

I don't speak Spanish.

Buenos Aires is an international city. Most of the people you will meet speak some kind of English, so you will not have problems. All the Argentina Tango people you will deal with in Buenos Aires speak good English; you need not worry. There is also someone available to you and the group to help with any queries you might have 24/7.

Are meals included?

All our tours include breakfast every day. Some activities have lunch included and there is an optional dinner out for everyone in the group while you are in Buenos Aires you pay for your food. Eating out is very much a norm in Buenos Aires, and there are many wonderful restaurants. We choose the best for you and keep you away from tourist traps. If you have special food needs (i.e., allergies or a special diet), please let us know so that we can serve you better.

What if I want to travel for more or less days or have a different itinerary?

You can! We have designed two different tours to make it easy for you to choose one. But we can also customize them to meet your special requirements. We can add or subtract days, upgrade or downgrade hotel rooms, and give you more or fewer activities, etc.

What other activities does Argentina Tango offer and what are the prices?

Once you are in Buenos Aires, there are a lot of things you might want to do. Please check the Optional Activities section of this website for more information.

Can I see a sample itinerary?

Yes! We have listed two samples for 7 days/6 nights and 10 days/9 nights on the tour page.

What are the tour prices?

You can find detailed pricing information under the tour itineraries. You just need to click Book Now and you will be registered.

Can I pay for my trip in very low monthly installments?

Yes, you can. You can use your credit card or bank transfer to make monthly payments to us. You must have finished paying the total 30 days before date of arrival.

What are the payment methods?

We accept bank transfer and all credit cards on our websites. The credit card payments carry a 6% credit card charge.

When should I pay the deposit?

To make a reservation you will need to pay a $300 deposit in order for us to hold your place.

How is that deposit used?

The deposit is used to blackout the hotels, transfers, lessons, and activities. The remaining balance should be paid 30 days prior to your arrival. You can pay it all at once or in low monthly installments but the total must be paid 30 days before arrival.

What is the process like?

First you need to go to our Registration Page and fill out the form. After that, please pay the $300 deposit and we will reserve a place for you. You can pay the remaining balance 30 days prior to your arrival.

Do I get a receipt?

We will send you receipts for all the payments received from you.

Do we need to sign an agreement?

We don't require you to sign an agreement. By filling out a registration form, you and Argentina Tango Tours agree to the terms and conditions on this website at the time of registration.

What is the cancellation policy?

If the tour does not proceed due to any reasons beyond our control, all monies paid by you will be refunded in full. If you cancel your tour, you will not be entitled to a refund of your initial deposit. All other payments made by you will be refunded in full only if the cancellation is 30 days prior to commencement of the tour. If you cancel your tour less than 30 days before departure, you will forfeit all monies paid.