Linda Nichols, United Kingdom Annabel Bavaud, Switzerland
Francis, United States Marianne Dobbels, Belgium
Inken Gritto, United States Angi Flacks, United Kingdom
Jacqueline Buckley, United States Lani Marchal, United States
Connie Melton, United States Catherine D'Autremont, United States
Travis Kokkeler - Deschutes County Ballroom Dance Club, United States Ligia Rocha, Netherlands
Prof. Heinz Veit, Switzerland John Heywood, United States
Eva Abat, United States Cybele Camberos Padilla, United States
Sonja Niederberger, Austria Hanna Lichti, Australia
Gavin Rushton, United Kingdom Lilas Rose, United Kingdom
Linda, United States Pat Morgan, United Kingdom
Janice Sin Cheng, United Kingdom Linda Harkness, United Kingdom
Kelly Fitzsimmons, United States Frank Billingsley, United States
Lubov Demchuk, United States George, United States
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Arnhild Dyrhaug, Norway David & Janet Cohen, United States
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Linda Nichols, United Kingdom

Hello - well our holiday in Buenos Aires is now over and it's back to reality. We had a great time and most of the planned timetable went well. What can we say about Mimme (that's what we called her) - well certainly a larger than life character who did her best to keep us happy. Pelin was an angel. Alicia a perfect lady and Margaret very nice. Andrea our teacher was lovely and had the patience of a Saint. She had her work cut out for her but she kept us on our toes - literally! Well, as for the boys, Sergio and Giovanni that is, what perfect gentlemen. They were very professional, especially Giovanni, and took very good care of us. They gave us encouragement, made us laugh and most of all helped us dance tango. Giovanni is not only an exceptionally good dancer but a good teacher too and made us feel very special. He made sure we got to the venues on time and ensured we were safe back at our hotel at the end of the evening.
Argentina Tango came up with the goods in the end and we have very special memories of our time in BA that will remain for a long while.
Carlos, thank you and your team for a great holiday.

Linda Nichols from Aberdeen, UK

Annabel Bavaud, Switzerland

I had a wonderful time in Buenos Aires, and the tango classes were absolutely great. I had 3 different teachers during the 2 weeks, each one concentrating on a different aspect; basic technique and posture, more advanced technique, and dance practice. All 3 teachers were great to work with, each with a very professional attitude, and at the same time being good fun. For the first milonga I went to, I was extremely nervous, having heard so much about Buenos Aires milongas at my tango classes back home in Switzerland. Even with my wonderful tango partner Giovanni, I was still very tense, but by the end of the 2 weeks I was able to really enjoy them all. What I enjoyed about booking with Argentina Tango was the flexibility to organise as much or as little of the trip as I wanted. I took care of all the things that I wanted to manage directly, and Argentina Tango took care of the rest, in a seamless way. I would certainly recommend Argentina Tango to anyone wanting to go to Buenos Aires to learn tango, and I will certainly book again with you next time! Thank you to all of the people who helped to make my stay a great one; Pelin, Barbara, Noemi, Andrea, Annabella and Giovanni.

Annabel Bavaud from Lussy sur Morges, Switzerland

Francis, United States


Initially, I was nervous about the communication vehicle Argentina Tango (AT) used to coordinate my tango lessons. They only use the internet/email, and only if there is an emergency, there is a telephone number in Buenos Aires (BA) available. Since my trip was over the holidays, this was hairy because there were a couple of days when I could not get hold of anyone, and I thought the whole thing was an internet hoax. That was stressful. However, once I made connection with AT and their tango instructor in BA, it was an amazing experience. I had three days of intensive private tango lessons (3 hours each day) and milongas (about 2-3 hours each night). The BA tango community is a small community, and by the time I was done, I had a very good sense of what BA tango and its community were all about. It was a life-transformational experience. I fell in love with tango and its people and what it offers. I would return to BA in a heartbeat to do it again, and I just might do that later this year. I had two instructors, and one was much better than the other, and AT accommodated my personal needs and switched for me to have the better instructor for most of the time. The instructor was absolutely fabulous. It was magical. I danced in the milonga after only a day of tango lessons, and by the third milonga, I felt very good dancing. I had a lot of fun. Like I said, it was a transformational experience. My wife and I are now taking tango lessons here at home as a result, and tango will become a part of my life from now on. For this, I do thank Argentina Tango for the opportunity and their wonderful program of providing amazing dance instructors. They arranged the whole thing in just a couple of weeks, so they're very capable. I would recommend AT to anyone interested in getting a taste of tango in BA.

Francis from Massachusetts, USA

Marianne Dobbels, Belgium

With this message, I would like to thank sincerely all the people involved with www.argentinatango.com, especially Charles and Alicia. I learned more or less by coincidence about the services you can offer to people travelling to Buenos Aires/Argentina, I wish I had known before... Argentinatango.com coordinated my trip to el calafate and I can assure you that this has saved me a lot of time, energy and probably irritation, since it has been a one-stop shopping for me, including online payment and close follow up on my level of satisfaction. Argentinatango.com has also introduced me to 2 of their tango teachers. One might laugh reading the text on the website telling that 'we know what is best for you'. Well, they DO know! I had 10 hours of private class with Facundo and Monica, and this has really opened my eyes on the tango essentials and the details e.g. feetwork for women that make your dance look different and mucho mas linda. I am a satisfied customer and will, wherever I can, promote and recommend your services. I wish for you to become the one and only access for travellers to argentina, to tango and to buenos aires . The unique selling proposition should remain good quality, at a reasonable price, in an effective way, with above all an excellent and personalized client service. Mucho suerte.

Marianne Dobbels from Antwerp, Belgium

Inken Gritto, United States

I wanted to say thank you again for the wonderful service you provided for me in BA. Since it was my first trip, it was not easy to figure out, where to dance, where to take classes, etc... I was very happy that you took me out to the Milongas, introduced me to the social rules and settings there (that is quiet different than in the US) as well as to some of the good dancers. That helped me so much, especially in the beginning. I am sure I wouldn't have felt so comfortable and got that many good dances, if I had tried to figure it out by myself. The private lessons you organized for me with 3 different teachers from BA where fantastic. All of them were not only great experienced professional dancers, but also extremely skilled teachers and very cool people to be with. They changed my dancing immediately and worked on me in a way that was perfect for me, very demanding, but careful and sensitive at the same time. I feel I already improved a lot, but the best is, that from those private lessons I took home so many ideas and inputs that I can implement into my dancing every time I go out and will go out dancing in the future. Also, thanks for all the wonderful dances we had and the fun shoe-shopping excursion (I still love my shoes, you helped me buying), I will come back as soon as I can (afford it). Let's stay in touch. www.gritto.com

Inken Gritto from Seattle, USA

Angi Flacks, United Kingdom

I had the most life changing experience with you guys. Buenos Aires WOW!! From my first contact with you guys the whole process was smooth. As I was travelling alone, I was reassured and I felt totally at ease from the moment I arrived. I had some outstanding Tango teachers. Alicia was fantastic to go shopping with and I felt so comfortable with her I felt I had known her for years. Cynthia who took me on a fantastic tour I of the city she is a walking encyclopaedia on the history of Tango and I could have spent another 4 days with her. Margaret took me to Tigre and I spent a fantastic Sunday with her. A special thank you to Carlos for convincing me to go to Iguazu!!! I am so happy that I went to Iguazu for two days... It is a MUST!!! I stayed in Palermo Awwa spa and everyone at the Hotel were very helpful and friendly. All my needs where catered for and I felt so comfortable. The whole experience was the best in my life so much so that I'm planning my next trip with Argentina Tango Tours.. This time for longer:-) Once again thank you Carlos and all the Team.
Angi London UK

Angi Flacks from London, UK

Jacqueline Buckley, United States

ArgentinaTango truly enhanced my first trip to B.A.! I felt like I had friends in Argentina! The experience was satisfying, easy to arrange via internet, the guide very welcoming, accommodating, friendly and worth every peso! Like many who have also written, ArgentinaTango far surpassed my expectations . While my trip would have been enjoyable either way, I left feeling I knew the people and city much more intimately than I would otherwise. The difference between this and other services is that it is tailored to the desires of the consumer. Once I arrived, ArgentinaTango worked with me to add and modify services to my liking. Thank you for making B.A. my favorite city in the world! 

Jacqueline Buckley from Chicago, USA

Lani Marchal, United States

I've been giving this alot of thought! I honestly cannot think of anything that would have made it any better! Your staff were all very professional and friendly and most of all ....they liked to laugh and didn't take the tango too seriously! I was worried that everyone would be very intense about things but that was not the case. The dinners and shows were great, the tours were fabulous and of course the dance lessons were amazing!!! Zoraida was especially kind and helpful - there were several of us who had sore feet for various reasons and she really helped by getting us some analgesic cream that was great! She and Diego are fabulous instructors - very clear with their instructions and very humorous which really helps! I've told all of my friends about Buenos Aires and, of course, will refer anyone going there to your company! Thank you for all your hard work! Lani

Lani Marchal from Bend, USA

Connie Melton, United States

Argentina Tango provided a wonderful experience. I asked for concentrated lessons in a short period of time and they delivered. When weather delayed my arrival and caused me to adjust my arrival/departure schedule, Argentina Tango accommodated the unexpected changes with additional lessons and overnight accommodations upon my request. The tango instructors were skilled and competent, the dance studios were conducive to learning. Argentina Tango provides a wonderful value, is committed to delivering as promised, I recommend them.

Connie Melton from Arkansas, USA

Catherine D'Autremont, United States

Like the Milongas dance floors BA is a city that is continuously in motion with difficult footing. I have been coming to BA for years, and have never found it easier than this trip with Argentina Tango. I was able to focus on my dancing and not worry about the details. They found me a beautiful apartment where I could feel at home when I wasn't on the dance floor and teachers that made me feel at home when I was. I met wonderful people, danced in beautiful settings, and was able to feel relaxed in the city that never sleeps. Thank you. 

Catherine D'Autremont from Los Angeles, USA

Travis Kokkeler - Deschutes County Ballroom Dance Club, United States

To whom it may concern: This is a letter of recommendation that I hope will be posted anywhere that the brilliant and wonderful folks at Argentina Tango deem necessary. I recently took a trip to Buenos Aires and had a marvelous experience. Here is the story: My wife and I own a ballroom dance studio in Bend, Oregon. We offer ballroom dance competitions and fun trips about 4 times a year. This year we decided to go to Buenos Aires to experience the tango since the origins of our American tango and International tango come from the Argentine tango. We consistently offer quality trips to our students and when we advertised this trip 13 students chose to go. I was a little nervous since we were going internationally and I had never been to this destination before. However, the trip was a fantastic experience and below are the detailed reasons why: 
1. Online communication: Argentina Tango responded immediately to our first inquiry. They followed up with a detailed response to our first set of questions within 12 hours.

2. Consistent follow-through: As my wife and I asked more questions and required more details, they followed up with exact answers.
3. Choice of venues and activities: AT chose excellent places to experience the milongas. They offered a number of side trips (which we took advantage of) that were well worth our time.
4. Personal attention: One of the main concerns I had was how to organize my group from point A to point B. AT solved all my problems by having someone from their staff meet us at specific times and places to get where we needed to go. One of the main places we left from was our hotel. There was always someone there, on time or early to escort us to our destination. Also, each of our guides either made our transition easier or gave us valuable information to aid us in our stay. 5. Choice of teachers: We took lessons nearly every day of our 8 day stay. The teachers and their dance assistants were fabulous and engaging. We all could understand their English and more importantly understand what they were trying to teach us!!
6. Dance partners: As the owner of the studio it was a HUGE issue for me to provide a good dance experience for everyone. Not only did we have extra men to dance with (I had a majority of females in my group) we had both men and women partners for everyone at the milongas! What an amazing experience to dance with Argentinean dancers in their homeland doing their national dance!
7. Integrity: When I arrived Carlos gave me the lay of the land and we quickly got squared away with what we had planned. He also placed in my hand a cell phone that was 1 touch dialing so that I could reach him anytime during my stay. I thought that this particular gesture was way above and beyond what I expected. I did need to use the phone from time to time and because of it there were no snafu's-to the betterment of the trip.
This was the best trip that I have been on period. It fulfilled all my expectations as a studio owner and as a dancer. When we return to Buenos Aires (not IF but WHEN), we will use Argentina Tango and their staff. In fact, I would not even consider touring in Argentina for business or pleasure without the expertise of Carlos and his staff. Every suggestion and recommendation that they offered was exactly as they made it out to be and in most cases exceeded my expectations. It did not matter if it had to do with dance venues, side tours, places to eat or shows to see. This is a top quality organization and if you are planning on touring in Argentina I insist that you use this company. They will meet your wants and needs. I would gladly tell anyone who asked me any of the details of the trip. Please contact me at my studio if you wish.
Travis Kokkeler
Owner-Deschutes County Ballroom Dance Club
175 N.E. Greenwood Ave.
Bend, Oregon USA

Travis Kokkeler - Deschutes County Ballroom Dance Club from Bend, Oregon, USA

Ligia Rocha, Netherlands

Thank you ArgentinaTango.com for the services you have provided on my trip to BsAs. Although it was my second time in the Mecca of Tango and I assumed 'I knew it all and could do it all by myself' I found that through arrangements made by ArgentinaTango.com I have been able to get the most out of my short (2-weeks) tango-trip. After a welcome at the airport (I arrived w/a 3 hours delay!) I was taken to a comfortable accommodation: a spacious apartment with a friendly hostess in a save building where I had a private room. ArgentinaTango.com arranged 12 hours of private dance classes for me with 2 different teachers each with their own specialties so I could both expand and deepen my view of dancing tango. With Monica I received intensive classes specifically focussed on improving elegancy of posture, walking and adornments for women. All issues that hardly receive attention when taking a group class at a tango school. With both teachers I was able to work on details for my personal improvement and I returned home with practical tips and exercises. (I'm not sure my neighbours like it when I do my ' tango-homework') ArgentinaTango.com also arranged my day trip to the historical place Colonia in Uruguay. Wonderful. I did not have to spend time on making the arrangements and the ticket was delivered at 'home'. Within the limited timeframe I got the most out of BsAs and tango for a reasonable price. I just focussed on what I wanted: visiting milongas, taking classes and...drinking 'mate' with friends. I did not 'know it all' after all and it was worth it to use your services. Muchas gracias y hasta la proxima.

Ligia Rocha from The Hague, Netherlands

Prof. Heinz Veit, Switzerland

With regards to Argentina Tango I can only say the best. Already during the preparation time before traveling everything was easy and there was good communication. I got all the information necessary. During my stay at Buenos Aires the tango classes were perfect! The two teachers, Mara and Jimena were extremely polite, nice and could perfectly adapt to my level of dancing. The Milonga evenings with Jimena were also very pleasant. Alltogether, I enjoyed it very much, thank you ! If I should comment something negative it would only be the quality of the dancefloor, at least the one in room 1. I almost ruined my new tango shoes…
Thanks a lot again, I would do it again with you next time!

Prof. Heinz Veit from Bern, Switzerland

John Heywood, United States

I had a great time with Argentine Tango. The instruction was fantastic. I also found everyone I met to be very friendly off the dance floor too. It really helps to get a flavor for the country when you can have engaging and open conversation with locals, and that was the case with my guides and instructors. Thank you!

Best Regards,

John Heywood from New York, USA

Eva Abat, United States

I'd like to congratulate your company for simplifying my change in lodging during my last week in BA. Not only was the site easy to work with, but the fabulous hostess came through with warmth, hospitality, and a great breakfast! Everything was as described in the website upon arrival, and the person who confirmed everything for me before hand was thorough and friendly . Thanks so much, and I look forward to working with you again. 

Eva Abat from Arlington VA, USA

Cybele Camberos Padilla, United States

My experience with Argentina Tango was nothing less than perfect. From the instance I set my fearful, hesitant, lonesome foot in Buenos Aires I had a welcoming smile to greet me at the airport filling me with excitement, confidence and joy at the new experience I was about to embark on. It was my first trip on my own but never felt any anxiety as the staff from Argentina Tango were always only a phone call away, even when unexpected I would get friendly reminders of their precense and support. All the activities were carefully and thoughtfully planned for my grates enjoyment and when any conflict in scheduling arrived they were quick to resolve them always to accommodate to my needs. My tango teachers gave me wonderful instruction and insight in the art of tango, making me a more confident, elegant, and skillful tango dancer, lessons I would have never learned if I had not gone to the source, the place or origin, to experience Tango where it signifies more than just a dance and becomes an internal dialogue a deep connection, a shared experience. My experience in Argentina was full of positive moments thanks to the support and the excellent service Argentina Tango provides, they are reliable, punctual, and amazing good hearted people. In an instance I would return and recommend Argentina Tango. 
Cybele Camberos 

Cybele Camberos Padilla from Los Angeles, USA

Sonja Niederberger, Austria

Here is a big recommendation for ArgentinaTango: I do not think that I am an easy customer. I knew that I would be very happy if ArgentinaTango would organize a place to stay for me and that I wanted to take tango lessons.
But I also wanted to be very flexible and I kept changing my mind about my plans. I was also more than hesitant to make payments online. But all my emails were answered in the most friendly way and with incredible patience.
The people from ArgentinaTango were not only extremely nice, but also very efficient in coming up with my varying requests. So I received the best tango lessons with very competent and nice teachers in a beautiful dance studio. I stayed in a beautiful guest house with a landlady I liked very much. I always knew whom to ask if I needed information about what was going on in Buenos Aires - not only when it came to Milongas. And I could count on ArgentinaTango to find flight tickets for me when I decided to go to Mendoza on very short notice. I had a wonderful time in Argentina, thank you.

Sonja Niederberger from Vienna, Austria

Hanna Lichti, Australia

Hello those at Argentina Tango.
Many thanks for providing me with a wonderful Tango experience.
While the whole tour was magnificently organised and ran like clock-work, the absolute highlight of the tour was the tango dancing with the wonderful, patient and personable Sergio. His impact on my holiday experience cannot be understated. He remained focused on making sure that I had an experience of the world of Tango and the culture from which it was born. The different Milongas were interesting but the most atmospheric was the Ideal Coffee Break in Suipacho st. From the first Milonga when I had only danced for 1 1/2 hours in the lesson that day, we were able to dance for the whole evening.
My only regret was not seeing the tango dancing in San Telmo and Recolleta markets.
Many thanks for a wonderful trip
Hanna Lichti

Hanna Lichti from New South Wales, Australia

Gavin Rushton, United Kingdom

I enjoyed my time learning the basics of tango, together with a little salsa in Buenos Aires . All the teaching was first rate and the fact that I was being taught in a separate studio with one to one tuition aided in that. I would seriously consider another tango holiday with Argentina Tango in in the future, as I now know the expense was jusitified by the facilities, standard of teaching and care and attention to all aspects of settling in to Buenos Aires. I got to appreciate a snapshot of a part of Argentinean culture during my time in Buenos Aires .

Gavin Rushton from London, UK

Lilas Rose, United Kingdom

If you are currently browsing through the ArgentinaTango website - as I was a while back - and wondering whether or not to make a booking, my advice to you is: please don’t procrastinate for as long as I did. Just do it, do it. I’ve just come back from a stay of over five weeks in Buenos Aires on a ‘nearly’ intensive tango package. (I say ‘nearly’ because I wanted to modify it slightly and ArgentinaTango swiftly accommodated my demands) and have had the most wonderful time. Before the trip, I’d been to a couple of group tango classes and had never done any other kind of dance. My knowledge about tango was therefore limited to put it mildly. This began to be rectified almost as soon as I arrived. The lessons started pretty well straight away and I was swiftly taught about different tango styles. During the course of my stay, I had five different teachers all of whom had their own way of teaching and preferred style of dancing but who were uniformly excellent. I had thought I might end up confused but in fact what I learned from each complemented the knowledge I gained from the others. There is a further advantage to having more than one teacher in that the hazard of becoming a kind of clone is avoided. Eventually, you work out what you like best as opposed to just doing something because you are told to. (Incidentally, as I found out during the course of my stay, Buenos Aires is chock full of so-called tango teachers eager to offer lessons of variable and often dubious quality to tourists. Fortunately, ArgentinaTango has a rigorous selection process when it comes to choosing its staff, so you really do only get first-rate instruction). In addition to just learning to dance, I got full instruction about the etiquette of milongas and was enthusiastically encouraged to put into practice in the Buenos Aires dance halls at night what I had been learning during the day. This was helpful as I might otherwise have been too spineless to brave them. By the end, I’d overcome most of my self-consciousness. The dancing was a joy, the people delightful and the city gorgeous. All in all, it was a pretty perfect experience. Go.

Lilas Rose from London, UK

Linda, United States

Our tango lessons were the highlight of our trip. Facundo was a great teacher, and we enjoyed the experience very much! We will be back in touch should we again return to beautiful Buenos Aires. Thank you for your assistance in making this trip so memorable for us! Sincerely,

Linda from St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Pat Morgan, United Kingdom

Since leaving Buenos Aires, I hit the Isle of Man for a couple of days and have then been out of the country until last weekend. Now that I'm back, I want to say a big thank you for making all my arrangements run so smoothly. The majority of my lessons were with Facundo who is a delight to dance with. He was great fun and immediately put me at ease. Although I was very much hampered by the injury to my foot, he stretched my capabilities, encouraging me to tackle movements and steps I didn't know I could do! The lessons I had with Angel and Monica were also very good, and having a woman's perspective was extremely helpful. Cynthia was a delightful guide and very knowledgeable about her country. Everyone I met through Argentina Tango was great company, and made me feel very much at home. All in all, my first visit was wonderful, and I was made very welcome by you and everyone at Argentina Tango. Prior to my visit, I was very nervous about making payment in advance, but my fears were groundless – everything I wanted to do was arranged professionally and nothing was too much trouble. Needless to say, I will be contacting you in good time prior to my next visit to Buenos Aires, (which I hope will be later this year, and by which time, I am sure my injured foot will have recovered sufficiently for me to do justice to your tremendous teaching). Carlos, thank you in particular – after all our correspondence on the internet, it was great to meet you at last. Thank you all once again for a magical and delightful experience, and could not have been better. Regards
Pat Morgan

Pat Morgan from Isle of Man, UK

Janice Sin Cheng, United Kingdom

Below is my testimonial. I thought everything was good including the instructors. I enjoyed everything very much, great teachers, milonga and wonderful touring. The guides were also great. . Everything was very well organized in general although there are some things that can definitely be improved. The quality of the service you provided was excellent. In sum ,the trip was great and I was very satisfied as a whole with the services provided and I would certainly recommend your organisation to others. 

Janice Sin Cheng from Hong Kong, UK

Linda Harkness, United Kingdom

Because I was travelling alone, I was a little apprehensive about booking my holiday but as it turned out I shouldn’t have been – Argentina Tango was the perfect choice. From the moment I arrived I was looked after royally. My instructors – Sergio, Sergio and Andrea, well words fail me. Not only was their instruction first class, but they were all so friendly and made the classes fun. Although I was little more than a beginner, with their patient guidance I was soon dancing at my first milonga. Sergio, my dance partner, was a pleasure to be with and the perfect gentleman. Both Sergios gave me a deeper understanding of tango and a much better appreciation of the wonderful music and culture. All three were so kind and helpful when I needed local knowledge or advice and after a few days it actually felt like spending time with friends.

All the tour guides I met - Alicia, Barbara, Margaret, and Pelin - were similarly professional and friendly and I enjoyed all my tours – to Tigre, Colonia, the tango show, the city tour and the shopping excursion. I took time out from dancing to visit Iguazu and that was truly magnificent, I urge anyone to go.

I had a friend studying in Buenos Aires during the time I was there and he would tease me about how well I was looked after, chauffeur driven cars, escorts etc. It really was a 5 star experience but with a truly personal touch. I had several calls from the delightful Carlos, and he was so reassuring and solicitous. Again I felt that if there was any problem, I would have help on hand right away, and when one is travelling alone that’s really nice.

My hotel choice (Claridge) was super, well located, comfortable and with a lovely pool area when I wanted just to ‘chill’

I miss Bs As, I miss my teachers, I hope I can come back.


Linda Harkness from London, UK

Kelly Fitzsimmons, United States

In Argentina there are so many teachers, lessons, Milongas and styles that it can be overwhelming. I would have been confused as to who to learn from and what classes to take where if I had not been guided and supported by Carlos and the staff at Argentina Tango . When I first arrived my skill was assessed and every few days Carlos would dance with me to ensure that I was progressing and that I had the right teacher for what I was working on and that the instructor was actually doing their job. I also signed up to warm up/practice class before the Milonga so I would feel comfortable going out on the dance floor with an Argentine. I was pushed to dedicate myself to learn this most difficult dance and the teachers supported me even when I wanted to give up . We had so much fun dancing in the old dance halls that the Argentines have been dancing in for decades--it was incredible. Every city needs this service!! I have traveled around the world and never have I so quickly been able to adapt to a large city and find all the critical spots, shops, clubs and been introduced to amazing dancers and people. My experience went beyond the guide books as Carlos took me into the folds of Buenos Aires and the Tango culture. His expertise, integrity and true love for Tango, Buenos Aires and his clients made my 2 weeks an outstanding experience that would have taken months to experience on my own. I highly recommend the services provided by Argentina Tango for those of you returning to BA and especially for new travelers.

Kelly Fitzsimmons from Chicago, USA

Frank Billingsley, United States

My trip with Argentina Tango to Buenos Aires was beyond fulfillling in so many ways! Since I had danced Argentine Tango for two years, I wanted the private instruction to take me to the next level and beyond.
And as you said on the web site, the private instruction was simply perfect for me! Big hugs to my favorites, the Tango Sisters ...As to the Tango Show and Dinner, they were more then fantastic. Si, magnifico! And wow, Argentina has great - great wines and truly the best - the best beef. 
Personally my tour guides for dance shoe buying, outdoor plaza exploring and escorting me around the city were like being with old friends, up to any new adventures or idea in a seconds notice (like tourng the Pink House!) . After the Savoy Hotel folks adjusted my AC unit, I found my stay perfect. For example, my bartender friend, the lovely desk ladies at the Savoy Hotel and staff were gracious, patient, expertly helpful and good hearted. Oh, and of course thank you Carlos for helping me with all my special needs.
Argentina now has a fond place in my memory with grand experiences. So every time I go to a milonga in New York (or any where), I think of my Argentina Tango trip to BA. Muchos gracius mi nuevos amigos ! ! !

Frank Billingsley of Beacon, New York : Dec 2012

Frank Billingsley from New York, USA

Lubov Demchuk, United States

I arrived safely home from my trip to Buenos Aires. Overall I enjoyed the itinerary Argentina Tango provided. All of my dance instructors were superb. Andrea, Yurguen, Sergio and Giovanni. I was also very happy with my non dance related guides: Pelin, the woman who took me on my shopping excursion and Noemi. I hope you tell them all how pleased I was with their helpfulness and kindness. I can say I was very happy with your services and hope to revisit Buenos Aires in the future.
Warmest regards

Lubov Demchuk from Winnetka, CA, USA

George, United States

THANK YOU ARGENTINA TANGO.COM. What could have been a frustrating and expensive journey was a pure pleasure . There are many reasons to visit the wonderful city of Buenos Aires but for me it was Tango. I wanted to study the music and dance that had captured my heart. Argentinatango.com understood my quest and brought it to a new level. By evaluating where my dancing was at and picking various instructors based upon my individual needs rather then a preformed format. This approach assured that I would gain the maximum educational experience. But dance is not just an academic experience you must DANCE. I was given the full flavor of the many different Milongas. Argintinatango.com provided a complete menu of the different Milongas and the tools to fill comfortable in the social setting. They can even provide a dance partner to get you started if you would like. Argentinatango.com made arrangements for housing which truly became my home away from home. The Tango house was beautiful clean and safe. A welcome place to lay your head after a long days night of dancing. There was even time for a tour of the city given by a personal guide. My guide was incredible informative about the history of the city and Argentina. I found myself thirsty to learn more about the rich history of this city and country.For my first trip to Argentina I could have spent several times more and not had the richly enjoyable experience that I did. Thank you so much, Argentinatango.com, Suerte.

George from Chicago, USA

Andrew Kaye, United States

I've just returned from a wonderful 12-day stay in Buenos Aires, one of my favorite cities. This was my third visit, and the most successful in terms of tango. I was fortunate to meet Carlos, the director of ArgentinaTango, on a prior visit to B.A. In fact, it was he who introduced me to dancing at milongas. Having met Carlos and having seen him dance and interact within the world of milongueros, I did not hesitate placing my confidence in ArgentinaTango to organize my tango schedule when I decided to make this new trip. Carlos suggested that I take an intensive program of private classes, 3 hours per day divided into morning and afternoon sessions. After my first day of classes, with Monica, I felt that my confidence in Carlos had not been misplaced. That evening at the Confiteria Ideal, I had no trouble finding dancing partners, and started putting the lessons to practice. My two other teachers were Eladia and Facundo. They were all excellent teachers, and they each contributed a piece to the puzzle of my own individual tango. I am especially impressed how the program that ArgentinaTango fashioned was perfectly tailored to my individual level and needs. Carlos stayed with me as a mentor throughout this process. Most importantly, he encouraged me to keep dancing, indicating the best places to practice during the afternoons, and the most congenial milongas at night. By the end of my stay, I was dancing milonga, vals, and tango at El Beso--something that would have been intimidating a week earlier. I also used ArgentinaTango to book my residence in a shared apartment in a very nice and convenient section of Palermo (B.A.'s "upper west side"). All of this came at extremely reasonable rates. With the facility to pay part of the bill via paypal, I also did not have to carry excessive cash with me during the trip. Thanks again to Carlos and ArgentinaTango for a wonderful experience, which I hope to repeat in the not too distant future!

Andrew Kaye from Pennsylvania, USA

Nancy Politzer, United States

I thought everything was terrific including the instructors. I enjoyed everything very much, great teachers and wonderful touring and the guides were also great. Your people are so nice and I appreciated Carlos calling me to make sure I was happy. Thank you for everything, Nancy

Nancy Politzer from Miami, USA

Julie Colantonio & Jack Marrelli, United States

All, Thank you for an enjoyable learning experience.  We certainly appreciate the team of instructors.  They were patient, knowledgeable, & knew how to motivate & reinforce our dancing.  We love tango. Thank you.

Julie Colantonio & Jack Marrelli

Houston, TX

Paula Kamenish, United States

When I needed a month-long rental in Buenos Aires for my work, a friend recommended Argentinatango.com to me. At first I was skeptical: an online service? But I wrote to the director and he kindly and efficiently found me a perfect rental in a wonderful neighborhood. He also arranged for me to have a very professional driver and was always nearby with good advice about the city. As a result, I really did feel like I HAD A FRIEND IN BUENOS AIRES. In my spare time, I availed myself of the tango lessons that Argentinatango.com was able to set up for me, and the teachers were of excellent quality and lovely to work with. Overall, I was impressed with the professionalism, personal attention, and reliability of the service provided by Argentinatango.com. I will use Argentinatango.com again while I continue to recommend their services to other travelers.

Paula Kamenish from Wilmington, USA

Nancy Bleier, United States

Carlos has great expertise to help one navigate the tricky schedule of which Milonga to attend on which night.. he knows all the best ones!
Nancy Bleier
Los Angeles CA

Nancy Bleier from Los Angeles CA, USA

Roy Hershon, United Kingdom

I would just like thank you for the excellent service you gave us in Buenos Aires. The Transfers were conducted in a very proffesional way. The vehicles were great and always on time, the drivers were very proffesional and courtious. The Classical City tour was excellent and the guide was the best we have ever had. We will be using your company again when we return.

Roy Hershon from Manchester, UK

Larry Matlock, United States

We do indeed, have fond memories of our trip to Buenos
Aires. People are a little hypersensitive to criticism, thinking it is some kind of personal attack. Your welcoming lady was quite nice, was very thorough when we were delivered to the airport to leave. We miss the great food, service and wines in BA, and think you should tell your future guests just how good they are...world class, right up there with Rome, Paris, better than London, and at reasonable prices. (unless you consider Las Palmas...$$$!) I would recommend your services to those interested, and a lot of people here are. Kind Regards,
Larry Matlock

Larry Matlock from , USA

Wes Nakama, United States

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone, including hotel staff of Hotel Americano for being great and caring hosts of Buenos Aires. My guides: Cynthia, Alicia, Barbara, and Susana showed me their Buenos Aires. My teachers: Andrea, Anabella, Pelin, Carlos, were wonderful and very patient. So patient that my teachers in Las Vegas were shocked by how much I learned from dancing with your teachers. The Las Vegas teachers & students of supershagvegas.com are interested in meeting the Argentina Tango teachers. I intend to go back twice a year and I plan to bring more people with me to truly experience and enrich their lives. I believe everyone who wants to have a better understanding of the culture & society can benefit from learning from the guides and Tango dance teachers. La Glorietta is the best way to see people of Buenos Aires. Once again, thank you very much for being accomidating to my travel plans. I do not believe I can truly express in words how grateful I am to you and your staff for the wonderful experience. Please let your staff know I will return, and hopefully with more people.
Wes Nakama

Wes Nakama from Las Vegas, USA

Karin Jensen - Group Tour, United States

Thanks tremendously for your work on our tour.  It was an amazing experience, and I am so grateful for what you did for me and my students.  This was a bucket list adventure, and I received positive feedback from the others as well.  

Here is what we especially enjoyed:

1)  Everyone agreed that getting to dance with professional local dancers was a beautiful experience that aided our learning greatly.  

2)  Diego Alvaro was an excellent teacher who did well in quickly evaluating our level and tailoring lessons for what we needed.  

3)  Of the outings, the Pampas Ranch visit was a favorite.  The food, folk dance performance, horse back riding  and carriage ride were all a refreshing counterpoint to the urban experience of Buenos Aires.

4)  The variety of milongas was wonderful.  It was a treat seeing the different clubs, how the locals dance, getting to dance with some locals ourselves, and having professional partners to accompany us.  

5)  The hotel was well situated and comfortable with an excellent breakfast buffet.   We enjoyed the nearby park, cafes, and art fair.  Wow, the view from my room was fantastic.  Thank you!!

6)  The tango dance show on the first evening was inspirational, a very good way to kick off the week.

7)  The cheese and wine tasting was relaxing, delicious, and elegant.  

8)  The boat ride near Tigre was pleasant.  

9)  The free time was about right.  There was time for us to explore a little on our own, but also to rest before the milongas.

10)  Cynthia showed good care in ensuring our safety and smooth transitions.  Yoon was also a good guide.  We appreciated her taking candid photos of the group and air dropping them into my phone, so that I could share them with the group.

Again, thanks for your work.  It was a great experience.  I attach a photo of Sven and me in front of the Obelisco Tango Club.  :)

Karin Jensen, Alameda, California


Suzanne and George, United States

"From the start, ArgentinaTango made it easy for us to experience tango Argentine style. We were a bit apprehensive about signing-up for something online, sight unseen. But Charles took the time to e-mail us answers to all our questions--and we had lots of them--and make us feel comfortable with all the arrangements. Upon arriving in Buenos Aires we were met at the airport and driven to our accommodations--a warm and "homey" place in a secure building with a welcoming and friendly hostess. From there we were introduced to the world of Argentine tango. Everything--from help buying the appropriate shoes; to lessons with experienced, talented, and patient dance instructors; to being accompanied to practice sessions and milongas-was arranged for us. All we had to do was enjoy ourselves and absorb the music and culture of tango. Thank you very much for changing us from non-dancers to a passionate tango dance couple. We can't wait to do it again with ArgentinaTango!"

Suzanne and George from Saratoga Springs NY, USA

Gloria Hobbs, Australia

Thank you to Argentina Tango for organising my tango lessons and milongas in Buenos Aires. I had five lessons and attended 3 milongas with a personal partner. My dance instructor/partner for the milongas, Sergio, was a wonderful dancer and a great teacher, so professional and a lovely gentleman. He looked after me very well and I was picked up and returned to my hotel after the Milongas. Thank you also to the lovely lady who took me shoe shopping! As I travelled to Argentina by myself, I felt safe and comfortable at all times in Buenos Aires, when shopping and sight seeing by myself. The milonga on the last night was at a beautiful Tango hall with tall columns and a beautiful ceiling. My Tango experience in Buenos Aires was very special, so thank you so much. I would recommend Argentina Tango to anyone (and especially Sergio as a Teacher and dance partner).

Gloria Hobbs from Canberra, Australia

Penelope lee, Japan

Carlos called me 5 mins before class which was very re assuring . Sergio and Marcelo turned up and away we went. Lucy and i would love to write about our experience. The whole 2 weeks were a dream because i dont remember getting any sleep. We attended class in the mornings , had lunch and shopping then class again in the afternoons then out for dinner and then to milongas every night. We bearly got back to hotel before 5 am each might. My dancing has improved so much after the intensive workshop.. Thank you again and im so sorry we didnt get to meet up.... Regards, penny

Penelope lee

Penelope lee from Singapore, Japan

Waiming Man, United States

Just want every one to know that you can go to Buenos Aires for tango on your own without any restriction, anytime, even if it was your first time(for me). I've got a flight to BsAs on impulse after watching that ABC news show on ballroom(with a part on tango), but i didn't have hotel/airport pickup or know of anyone there, Spanish was a vague memory from high school. But then i found this website (www.argentinatango.com) in an old copy of REPORTANGO, the one with Omar Vega on the cover. What they do is take care of everything you need. I've got a package with for airport pickup, a place to stay,15 hours of privates, access to tango inside info in BsAs, for the best milongas(Afternoons, nights) to go, to see and watch the best dancers.. older the better(men and women), and place on the front table, otherwise, if the milonga host don't know you, you will be in Siberia, all the way in the back, where no one will see you, then you can't make eye contact, then no dance for you. for 10 days, i dance and watch non stop, from the afternoon till 3-4am, that is all i did.. tango tango, oh yeah, there was a 3 hour private city tour, i stay in the car, want to save my feet for later. So if your time or budget dose not fit the regular tango package, www.argentiatango.com is the place to go, just go when it suits you.

PS watch out for the broken sidewalks and potholes.. and dog poohs, the are quite a few stray dogs on the streets, and cats in the parks

Waiming Man from New York, USA

Ken Jew, United States

Dear Argentina Tango,
Not having time off from work for more than one year, I was looking forward to a relaxing vacation with first class service and accomodations. I've taken private ballroom dance lessons at home for one year and was very concerned about having quality dance instruction while in Buenos Aires. I did not want to hassle with searching for tango instructors, choosing milongas, planning excursions and finding transportation. Moreover, I prefer private tours when I travel since it allows me to learn much more about the country and culture. The 10 day BA and Tango Holiday Package with a good balance of Tango and Buenos Aires activities was exactly what I needed.
The staff of Argentina Tango is highly qualified. Susana and Barbara are outstanding guides, very personable and knowlegeable. Tango instruction was superb. Annabella teaches and reviews dance steps in a very organized manner. Lucia is an outstanding milonga partner and helped make me feel comfortable in the crowded and intimidating milongas of Buenos Aires.
I booked my trip only 1 week prior to departure so the hotels in town were at capacity due to a large medical convention. Fortunately, Argentina Tango was able to arrange my accomodations at the Claridge, a hotel with service, comfort and location as good as all the internet reviews suggest. Thank you Carlos and Celia. The biggest challenge I had on this trip was carrying enough cash and correct change in Argentine pesos to make purchases during my free time, since credit cards are not widely used in Argentina.
Argentina Tango provides personalized service and attention to detail that will make you feel well taken care of. This was one of the best vacations I've ever had! Ken Jew

Ken Jew from San Jose, California, USA

Marsha Joselow, United States

I cannot say better things about my experience with Argentina Tango.  As a woman touring alone to Buenos Aires for the first time, with a goal to dance and little Spanish this could not have been a better experience.  From the moment I arrived until the time I left, I felt welcomed, cared for and safe.  My hotel was in walking distance to the sun filled studio where I was taught by three wonderful teachers.  My primary teacher, Sergio B was a great instructor, always kind.  I learned so much from him.  He also accompanied me to several milongas and not only was it a treat to have him as my dance partner, he was a lovely person to spend time with.  The tours that were built into the trip were each well organized and offered a taste of the BA area that has so much to offer in addition to the rich tango experience.  Thank you so much for making this trip so memorable.  When I come back (and I will) I feel I will have the confidence to be more independent but would not hesitate to reach out to Argentina tango to help arrange aspects of the trip.  For first timers, this was a gem.

Massachusetts, USA


Holly Dyre, Japan

I wanted to get my mother a special gift this year, and since she had always talked about going to Argentina, I decided to get her the 1 week tango package through ArgentinaTango.com. At first it seemed so daunting since she was going to be traveling by herself and I wanted it to be just right. I soon found it to be way easier than I thought. All my questions and concerns that I addressed by email were responded to right away and the suggestions from Carlos were right on point. It couldn't have turned out better. She said she had one of the best trips of her life and can't wait to return next year and go for a month this time! aLoha, Holly

Holly Dyre from Shanghai & New York, Japan

Marla Zapach, Canada

I would like to say that I had an amazing time and was very impressed with the professionalism of your instructors and tour guide. Sergio, Matias and Andrea were absolutely spectacular and we learned much more about the music and the history than we thought we would. It was great to learn different dance styles and perceptions on tango. I also have to mention that we really enjoyed our city tour with Noemi as well. I do believe that all these people shoule be given a substantial bonus for the excellent work they do. I am very pleased with the brief week that I spent with your company and would do it again in a heart beat!

Marla Zapach from Ottawa, Canada

Debby Jones, United States

Upon reflection I am very grateful that I made the decision to make this journey. On several occasions, I decided not to go, even after making numerous non refundable payments, because I did not trust all of the information I received via the internet. People from New England are said to be remarkably distrustful until they know someone for a long period of time (but after they extend their hand in friendship, they are said to be remarkably true and faithful friends).

I am happy to report that this trip, and all services provided by ArgentinaTango.com, were true to form and most satisfactory, and that I have made many friends (and still have many thank you notes to write). Please be patient if you have been named in this article and you have still not yet received letter of thanks. I wanted to organize my thoughts in this form before I began writing to individuals. 

Hasta Luego,
Debby Jones 
April 21, 2013

Debby Jones from St. Johnsbury, USA

Bear, United States

I was actually already in the middle of a trip to South America when I learned that I would be able to extend my stay in Buenos Aires by a week. I decided that one of the things I would like to do with this extra week was to take some Tango Lessons. I actually spent some time looking for and trying to arrange Private Lessons on my own but, I was actually surprised how difficult it was for me to find high-quality personal instruction (that I could have confidence in) on my own. Ultimately, I turned to the internet and found ArgentinaTango.com. I was impressed by their website and the wide range of lessons / packages they offers - so I sent an e-mail to see if it was possible to arrange Private Lessons on such short notice. The folks at ArgentinaTango.com responded quickly and said that it would be no problem for them to connect me with one of their instructors. Over the next week, ArgentinaTango.Com was able to arrange for three 2 hour private lessons at dance studios within a 10 minute walk from my Hotel. My instructor was graceful, professional, patient, and charming - quite frankly exceeding all my expectations. I'm really not the sort of person that feels that comfortable signing up for dance lessons - but it was a great decision for me and an excellent experience. If I return to Argentina again, I would definitely arrange for a few more Private Tango lessons - and based on my experience, I'm happy to recommend their services to others they really went above and beyond what I had expected . If fact, when I explained that I had just learned that my stay would be extended - they assisted me in arranging a short side trip to Punta Del Este in Uruguay.

Bear from Philadelphia, USA

Nicholas Little, United Kingdom

Dear Argentina Tango, 

I can honestly say that my holiday with you was one of the most fabulous I have ever had. It occurred to me on my last holiday when I was sitting on a beach getting bored that maybe going on holiday to do something I really wanted to do might be just the ticket. So you were my first experiment with this idea and what a success! 
The classes were top notch. I have a pretty good instinct for when something is being taught well and the impression I got from the teachers at Argentina Tango was that they were real professionals. They were also very friendly and a pleasure to be around. I would have great confidence in recommending you to friends, which I will of course do if they ever want to come to Buenos Aires to learn Tango!

I also enjoyed the Milongas immensely. Lorena was a real treat to be with and made what could initially have been a daunting experience really fun. I was very well looked after indeed!

Finally, Carlos was always on hand to make sure everything was running smoothly and that I was happy. On the two occasions that I ran into trouble, one when my debit card was stolen and the other when I got food poisoning, his help was immediate, kind and effective.

So bravo to everyone! I had a wonderful time. 

With very best wishes, 


Nicholas Little from London, UK

Mike Blaylock, United States

I have been taking tango for about 3 months in Seattle, doing mostly some group classes and some private lessons. I had just started to feel comfortable getting around the dance floor and was very excited to try my new skill out in BA.

On a recommendation from the person I had been taking lessons with, I decided to look up ArgentinaTango.com and see about some classes. At first I felt the classes they were offering seemed a little expensive, so I started with just a few private lessons to test the waters.

After taking my very first class, I realized that the cost of the classes were well worth it.

Here is how it went:

Day 1, first class:

I meet with my instructor at 10:30 to 12:00. We did some exercises and drills. About 15 minutes in to the class, it was becoming more and more apparent that I had no idea how to stand, walk, or hold myself. I must have heard her say "Up the chest, keep the torso, and push the floor with your toes," about a million times.

Second class,

This was with a male instructor. The focus of the class was being to get me skilled enough to dance at a melonga. This class was very different from the first, in that we were focusing more on how to work with the music, and how the music and the dance combined can create words and sentences that can be communicated to your partner though the right use of the body to lead them. 

Day 2, first class.

A lot more of what we had been working on from the day before, plus we are adding torso exercises and pivot exercises. When I took this class the day before, I wondered if we were ever going to get to the dancing. By the end of this day, I remember thinking, "I am not ready to dance yet, but I am getting close." It is becoming obvious to me that this teacher has a real passion for creating good dancers.

Second Class.

The instructor feels I am able to learn fast, but I need to keep the music in focus. "Remember," he says, "it is like words and colors, with it you create a great work of art."

Day 3,

Going home after my first class, I think I have grown an inch. No kidding, my head is hitting the bottom of the light that is hanging in my living room. Crap, I am getting taller. Even during dinner that night a friend of mine said that I looked taller. How can this be?

Day 4.

I never knew that I had muscles in my toes. I can't believe how my body is changing, and with it I can really start to feel myself becoming a better lead. There is no question that you have to lead from you torso and chest, I can't believe I never noticed this before.

My musicality is really starting to improve as well, though it still takes a lot of warm up before I can step right.

Day 5 and 6: recovery.

It is New Year's Eve anyway, I have a date, and my body needs a chance to get used to my new and improved posture. I am taking a couple of days to have some travel fun and explore. Over the course of the last 6 days of classes, I really started get the most out of tango. It would take too long to hit what I did each day. (Next time I'll write these up as I go, instead of after.) 

Here is the summary:

Now that I understand more how to lead with the torso, and am better at walking, etc., we are ready to move on to the fun stuff, namely, dancing. I have always had a hard time with the different turns, and now I know why. You have to understand balance and weight placement, all of the things I worked on in my first four days of classes. What I loved the most about these teachers was how they took the time to watch how I did the move, and then focus on one problem at a time to get though them. First it was the spinning, so we did some exercises to work on that. Next it was setting up the follow for the turn, then weight placement. By picking it apart and dealing with each piece I was able to learn much faster than I had in Seattle.

At the end of each lesson I could have kissed my teachers because of how fast I was learning (as well as the fact that they are really cute). While I am still a little clumsy on the dance floor, when someone I had danced with before said, "Wow, great turn!" that is when I knew it had all been worth it. I have been back in Seattle a week, I have passed up everyone that I take classes with, no one can believe it, most of all me.

These guys at Argentina Tango know there stuff, I am so happy I will be coming back at the end of April to do it again.

Mike Blaylock from Seatlle/San Francisco, USA

Gail Burnaford, United States

Hello all at Argentina Tango, I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing experience I had during the past week in Buenos Aires.  I want to comment about the teachers, Gonzalo Robin and Benjamin Galien, I had  the pleasure of working with all week. Gonzalo and Benjamin took me from where I was and challenged me.  They provided me with so much specific and clear feedback and were always ready with the next strategy for making progress.  They provided me with ideas on how to continue to progress at home, with the help of a dozen short demonstration videos on my phone.  Gonzalo’s approach to teaching me relied on the importance of body awareness and really depended on my gradually understanding that it wasn't just about the torso, but was rather about back, shoulder, pelvis, inner thighs, and, well - every part of my body.   He had to demonstrate rather than explain in words - always a good idea for teachers.   He gave me exercises to build that awareness and strength and danced with me often enough to help me feel what it will take to dance with subtle connection and balance.  I am grateful. Benjamin is an experienced teacher who taught me the power of warmups and introduced me to specific patterns - in tango, vals and milonga.  He seemed to have a structured, yet flexible approach and each lesson built upon the one before.   I am a musician and I especially enjoyed his explicit lessons on musicality - following the orchestra or the singer, listening to the violins, the bandoneon.  While this is not totally new to me, I had some major insights due to his guidance.Both men were delightful and attentive at the five milongas.   Gonzalo really "played" with me at Obelisco and made the dancing so much fun - especially the milonga numbers. (Being among the senior citizens helped!) I gained much confidence in that single night.  It also was very clear that this young man LOVES dancing....and that is a gift to his followers/students. I was thrilled to be at Salon Marabu - a place I had read about and recognize for its role in tango history.   Benjamin made sure I danced every tanda that I wanted - and managed to remind to snap a few photos (i.e., with the Troilo and DiSarli plaques) as well.  Each night at a milonga added to my self-awareness and confidence - AND I had fun and, somehow, never minded the late hours! Side note - I also greatly appreciated Jimenna's  (spelling?) single session on "adornos" and managed to experiment with a few in my week there - with plenty of desire to continue here at home.   Benjamin reinforced and underscored some of that technique in my lessons with him.  She underscored the necessity of learning the music, the arrangements, the orchestras - and I appreciate that reminder.  Now that I am back in Washington, DC, where tango is alive and well and active every night of the week, I feel so much more confident and ready to keep learning as long as I am able to do so.  You have made that possible.  Please do pass along my gratitude and comments to these teachers. They are the heart of the program and their work on my behalf really made the whole thing a memory that will last a lifetime.    THANK YOU. 

Gail (Burnaford)

Washington, DC,


Marianne Dobbels, Belgium

to all people of argentinatango.com
My second trip to buenos aires was more or less an impulsive last minute decision. One thought, and the next minute, I was on the plane... However, I knew I did not have to worry about practicalities, because Argentinatango was there to help me out with whatever service I might require. So once again, I have been extremely pleased with your quick and efficient response to my needs:
Firstly, you put a lot of energy and effort in proposing very nice and adequate accomodation solutions; secondly, you organized my trip to Iguazu, Sheraton was indeed a superb suggestion and I enjoyed it very much; and last but not least, I got the finest tango teachers for my private classes and practica: not only they have been beneficial for my technique, but they have also managed to inspire the tango magic, in a way that has touched me in the heart. Thanks to them, the pleasure for my dancing partners and myself at the milongas has increased substantially.
Congratulations again ATC, keep up the spirit and the good work, I will be back!

Marianne Dobbels from Antwerp, Belgium

Marion Farrelly, Australia

We're laid back but fussy, so we arrived in Buenos Aires without booking accommodation ahead but wanting something central and funky. We looked at endless run down and expensive hotels, and apartments that were overpriced, noisy and looked like they had been furnished by an aged Auntie back in the 70s. We called Charles at Argentina Tango and he listened to what we wanted and lined up two apartments for us to see. We loved both and took one in Recoletta which was fantastic at a great price. The bathroom was like something from a boutique hotel, the location was sensational, we had high speed wireless internet and the price was right. Charles also arranged a tango night which was a brilliant experience. We went to a slick produced tango show in a fabulous location followed by the real thing, a real tango venue and watched real people really dance the real tango. It was a real flavour of Buenos Aires. Charles of Argentina Tango is charming, easy to deal with and efficient and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. I'll definitely be contacting him before I return to Buenos Aires, and I'll maybe even think about planning ahead this time.

Marion Farrelly from , Australia

Katya Varlamova, United States

Many many thanks for the fabulous time I had in Bs As - for the place I stayed, the classes I took, and the friends I made!!! Bs As should be so lucky to have you guys! I went by myself the first time and thought I had a blast, but this trip definitely beat the first one! God willing, I am planning to return in the near future and will definitely have whatever I can arranged through you - it is seamless, flexible, efficient, most friendly and personable! And the prices are right, too, which makes it hard to beat :) Also, your teachers classes were simply outstanding, and I know I have been very spoiled by many good teachers. Would highly recommend your services to anyone that would like to make the most of their trip to our beloved tango capital! "Mi Buenos Aires querido...." :)
Many thanks again, and keep up the good work! Besos.

Katya Varlamova from New York, USA

Claire Weyland, Luxembourg

I have just returned from a five-week stay in Buenos Aires and would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Argentina Tango for ensuring I had the time of my life. I stumbled across their website pretty much by accident when contemplating going to the New Zealand Tango Festival earlier this year. While browsing the site I started giving serious thought to signing up for an intensive one-month tango course and so fired off an email with a whole load of questions. I received a prompt reply from Carlos, who was very helpful and more than happy to elaborate on what would be involved. More than anything, he gave me the reassurance that my absolute beginner status would not be a hurdle and that learning the tango in one month could be done! Payment was straighforward and carried out online and we stayed in touch throughout the months prior to my arrival. I was picked up from the airport by Cynthia, who went through my entire schedule with me and gave me an insight on what to expect at the milongas. I was put up in a great apartment in the heart of Palermo, a perfect location, with easy access to the Subte, shops, restaurants, cafés and beautiful parks. My lessons started immediately the day after my arrival and were structured in two daily blocks of two hours with plenty of time in between to allow for other activities or simply to rest my feet. Throughout the course, I had a variety of teachers, each designed to come in at different stages of my progress. Carlos kept a watchful eye on this and regularly danced with me to get a feel for how I was doing. He also contacted my teachers to receive their comments and feedback. All my teachers were very inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every one of them. The lessons were very challenging and rather reminded me of being back at school sometimes, but my enthusiasm never waned, thanks largely to the constant encouragement and good humour of my teachers. I really enjoyed the one-on-one setting of the lessons as it allowed us to go into a lot of detail and enabled me to understand the more technical side of the dance. I started going to milongas after only a couple of days of lessons and while I did have my moments of succumbing to stage fright and feeling as elegant as an elephant, this improved over the course of my stay, as did my dancing and my self-confidence. I met many great people in the milongas and have every intention of returning to Buenos Aires. Tango has become part of my life now and I cannot imagine being without it. I was very sad to leave Buenos Aires and to have to face reality once again. I was accompanied back to the airport, with Carlos making sure I went through passport control (just in case I changed my mind!) and boarded my plane to its rightful destination. I had the most incredible five weeks, the tango was all I had hoped it to be, and more. It was an experience I will not forget and one that I would highly recommend to anyone contemplating something similar. Tango Argentina went out of their way to make my stay enjoyable and special, exceeding all my expectations. Therefore a big thank you from one very happy tango dancer.

Claire Weyland from Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Birgit, Austria

I have just enjoyed ten very fruitful, pleasant private tango lessons with excellent teachers, perfectly fit to my personal needs, in well equipped dancing studios – all thanks to ArgentinaTango. Having been to Buenos Aires before and basically knowing my way round, I first thought I wouldn't need assistance anymore. Coming across ArgentinaTango made me change my mind. The mails exchanged with the people from ArgentinaTango beforehand gave me increasing confidence – and it turned out to be the very best choice: I got exactly what I wanted, provided by a very nice, helpful, and competent group of people, for the best prices possible. No doubt – when I'll go back to Buenos Aires (which I doubt will not be too long), ArgentinaTango will be my very first address for anything I need. Thank you very much again – and I highly recommend you to any Buenos Aires traveller! 

Birgit from Vienna, Austria

Michael Baker, United States

Argentina Tango: This is just to let you know that the accomodations that you arranged were excellent. The services you provided in addition to dancing were excellent. The two dance instructors which danced with me for six weeks were knowledgeable, fun and I truly had a good experience.


Michael Baker

Michael Baker from TEXAS, USA

Jeff & Joanne Banks, United States

Carlos, Celia, Gabby, 
Thanks for the wonderful vacation we had with "ArgentinaTango.com"
Everyone was interested in our time and it was quite enjoyable.
We enjoyed our five instructors Sergio, Mara, Alejandra, Marcelo, and Jimena. 
Barbra and Alicia were wonderful guides for the City, Shopping and the Tigre river tours.
The Milongas were wonderful as we got in touch with the feeling and culture of Argentina.
We are eagerly taking more lessons here in Anchorage Alaska.
Thank You
Jeff & Joanne Banks
Eagle River, Alaska

Jeff & Joanne Banks, USA

Christophe Mauron, Switzerland

Payment online does work and the 2 apartments I've been to were superb. This is a quick and reliable service.

Christophe Mauron from Geneva, Switzerland

Annabel Kaye, United Kingdom

I had a great time and you organised exactly what I wanted it, the way I wanted it, when I wanted it - - and you made me feel like a friend from out of town. I thought it was great I could pay via pay pal so I did not have to take tons of money with me to settle up when I got there. Next year I think more of us will come on a girl ' s trip - now that we know where to find what we want.

Annabel Kaye from London, UK

Marko Pekkarinen, Australia

Our Argentina Tango Tour was great! Our hotel was beautiful and conveniently located in the centre of the city. The lessons were very high standard, we all learnt a lot. And we really appreciated the pick up service to and from all the milongas, and the guides/partners were very courteous and helpful. We bought heaps of shoes (especially my wife!), in styles that we just can't find here in Australia.
All in all a very memorable trip, and we are planning on coming again soon.
Marko Pekkarinen
Social Dancing Australia

Marko Pekkarinen from Melbourne, Australia

Stefania Costa, Italy

My experience with Argentinia Tango has been great! I want to thank my teachers who have been very professional and very patient with me. I approached this beatiful dance as a beginner and I was a little frustrated not being able even to have the correct posture. They gave me courage and above all they made me love Tango. I had a lot of fun going to milongas with my tango partner Sergio who has been wonderful with me. Argentinia Tango has given me the opportunity to enjoy my stay in Buenos Aires and to enjoy Tango!

Stefania Costa from Milan, Italy

Eveline Zwikker, Netherlands

Dear people from Argentina Tango.

first of all I would like to express my thanks for the wonderful experience I had whilst learning the Tango in Buenos Aires and whilst travelling afterwards. Everything was very well organized in general although there are some things that can definitely be improved. The quality of the service you provided was excellent.The guides, personal shoppers and chauffeurs were great. Special reference made to Barbara Arroza, Alicia, Tigre guide I think Margaret was her name and Jorge the chauffeur. All very nice people and very professional. The staff at Hotel Americano was also very nice and warm and I felt very much at home there. Thank you also for providing me with the expertise from Sergio and Andrea. Both very competent, friendly and professional dance teachers. I thoroughly enjoyed going to the two milongas with Sergio and learnt a lot from both of them.

I was grateful for Carlos to phone me at the hotel and to make me feel welcome. This was greatly appreciated. 

In sum though,I would like to say that the trip has been great and that I was very satisfied as a whole with the services provided and I would certainly recommend your organisation to others. Keep up the Good Work!

Kind regards,
Eveline Zwikker

Eveline Zwikker from Haarlem, Netherlands

Angelita & Dokiso Nchama, Canada

We had a most wonderful time. From the the receiption at the airport by Cynthia to the politeness of Andrea and Matias when our dancing really stunk. Carlos called "to make sure" we were "alright" as soon as we settled in our hotel room!!! My vegetarian wife very quickly converted after having a bite of my Argentinian beef.Milongas became our evening joy and survation--we could watch TV--we do not speak/understand Spanish. I personally learnt a lot of history of the region in general and Argentina in particular--[thanks Margaret, you are super!!] Peli was great in arranging our schedules for milongas.We were impressed by how neat and nice our drivers were. We did a lot of walking in Buenos Aires. We were quit tickled by the way the heroes memories are preserved--streets or statues. The only fly in the ointment was that we lost about one and a half hours in our tango lessons--the door keeper was never in time for the first few days. Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work. Dokiso and Angelita [Nchama]

Angelita & Dokiso Nchama from Montreal, Canada

Catherine Larose, Canada

I thoroughly enjoyed my Argentina Tango experience. What I liked best was that everything was looked after for me. I didn’t have to think or worry about anything. All I had to do was show up. You have a wonderful group of people working for you from the guides to the instructors – they were all terrific and very professional. I would do it again…
Kind regards,

Catherine Larose from Montreal, Canada

Katie Prebble II, United Kingdom

My second trip to the Mecca of Tango was every bit as fantastic as my first, thanks to everyone at Argentina Tango! I had two new teachers, both of whom were excellent, and communicated with each other to ensure that they focused on the aspects of my dance that required the most work. I found that having two classes per day (I only had one class per day on my first stay), although exhausting, not only acclerated the rate at which I learnt tango but also consolidated what I was learning. Carlos & Argentina Tango are a great source of knowledge on the tango scene, recommending and showing me some of the best milongas in Buenos Aires as well as ensuring that I had a good seat to maximise opportunities for a dance! Although the milongas can be hard work for a beginner, I found that they were the best way to put into practice what I learnt in the classroom and a great opportunity to get used to different styles of leading! In addition to the classes, Argentina Tango organised a trip to one of the best tango dinner shows in town and overall has been great at adapting to my everchanging travel plans. Buenos Aires and tango really are addictive - I already plan to come back a third time at the end of my travels!

Katie Prebble II from London, UK

Claire Hitt, New Zealand

I think Argentina Tango was a wonderful way to start our trip. It was great to spend time with locals - your people are absolutely lovely. I loved the dancing and found Marcelo and Sergio - our dance instructors - superb. Their approaches were different but complimentary and I felt very happy with the progress they helped me make in a very short time. It was great to attend the Milongas with them too, they made quite a daunting experience very memorable and we certainly had some laughs! The other day trips/outings were also worthwhile with warm, professional and friendly guides (Barbara, Pelin, and Alicia). Thanks to all involved, would definitely recommend Argentina Tango to others.

Claire Hitt from Wellington, New Zealand

Timothy Skinner, Australia

I had a great time, my teachers were brilliant, and the trip to a milogna with one of your staff was really helpful. when i met up with my girlfirend, I was able to take her to a milogna that night, and we were able to tango, thank you so much 

Timothy Skinner from Geraldton, Australia

Katie Prebble, United Kingdom

I am travelling through South America and after visiting one of the tango milongas in Buenos Aires and seeing the Argentinian couples move gracefully across the dancefloors of the great 1920s buildings, I decided that I just had to learn tango! And thanks to ArgentinaTango I had a totally magical experience I will never forget. After various internet searches they were the only company I found that offered tango classes every day. The website was easy to navigate and I was impressed with the number of different packages on offer. On contacting the company they were very flexible and helped me build up a tailor-made itinerary which included 10 days of tango classes, salsa classes and Spanish lessons. And the beauty of it was that it was all organised by the same company, on line with no hiccups. I was impressed with the level of service throughout, and Carlos was fantastic, not only answering all my email enquiries promptly but once i arrived for my lessons he was very welcoming from the start. He was also a great source of information, constantly encouraging me to put my lessons into practice in the milongas of BsAs. The 3 teachers I had were excellent - professional, friendly and fun and, most importantly, they all clearly loved tango. Although skeptical at first at having more than one teacher, I actually found that this allowed me to learn different aspects of the dance and adapt to different dance partners. Also, having visited several group classes in BsAs I firmly believe that the only way to learn tango properly is to have private classes. So, MUCHAS GRACIAS to ArgentinaTango, Carlos, Monica, Facundo and Angel for making my time in BsAs so special, i cant wait to go back and learn more - in 3 weeks time!

Katie Prebble from London, UK

Anne Plonquet, France

Hello, I have been extremely satisfied with my stay in Buenos Aires. It was very pleasant to be welcomed at the airport and directly lead to the hotel. Both tango teachers were both very professional although very different, which still added to my experience. I am entirely satisfied with every person we met. All were professional and very pleasant. This stay was outstanding thanks to you! I would recommend (and I will) the package to everybody!

Anne Plonquet from Paris, France

Prof. Dr. Christian Schmidt, Germany

Hallo Carlos, in thinking back and reflecting my stay in B. A. I would like to thank you for your help. Monica is an outstanding teacher of Tango and you did a great job in organizing this Tango lessons within one day. In addition you reserved us a table in a great Tango show with excellent dinner. My colleagues and I had a great evening at this location. I am quite sure to come back to B. A. and I will call you again in advance to ask for your assistance. You are a reliable and trustful person which I realized, when you gave us the refund of the prepaid amount of one person of ours who didn't show up at the Tango show. I would be happy if you could get me some contacts either in Hamburg or in Nürnberg (Nuremberg) where I could continue my Tango study. Thank you very much.
Sincerely yours

Prof. Dr. Christian Schmidt from Hamburg, Germany

Arnhild Dyrhaug, Norway

Dear ArgentinaTango,
I wish to extend my appreciation of an extraordinary tango training program exceeding all of my expectations -The tailored training program included all the 3 majors - tango (traditional and modern), milonga and finally waltzes. It was accomplished successfully with regular follow ups and monitoring of progression with the requested adjustments of the program along the way. The professional and highly skilled instructors made the learning both enjoyable and indeed efficient.I will recommend the services of Argentinatango to anybody who wish to learn tango at any level and experience the true spirit of Buenos Aires. Thank you ! –

Arnhild Dyrhaug from Floroe, Norway

David & Janet Cohen, United States

Dearest Gaby,Carlos, and Celia. 
David and I have nothing but the kindest and most sincere thought of our experience in Argentina. Thanks to all of you. Where do I start? I guess from the beginning. From being picked up graciously from the airport, a travelers nightmare, NO LUGGAGE. But you resolved it quickly. I loved all the individuals for the tours. I have I soft spot for retirees I do believe they have a lot of life in them, and your decision to use them only proves that correct. Each one was so nice and expressive and passionate about what they were doing, it was a pleasure. Now the dance instructors... all angels. . We of course came with dance experience and just wanted to add tango to our dance language. But you maestros need to breath the life of the tango afficionado into their students. They were wonderful. good natured, personable and most importantly fun. 
We all understand this is a business and the exchange of money was traded for services. But if you want to have your clients leave Argentina saying"I can't wait to come back" then you run a very successful business. And yes, David and I can not wait until we can make this trip again. We wish all of you a healthy and happy New Year, with hopes of fulfillment,prosperity,and the strength and good health to do it all. Please pass on our warm regards to all of those the fulfilled our dreams and passions. thank you again. David and Janet Cohen 

David & Janet Cohen from Los Angeles, USA

Ann & Willy Francois, United States

One cannot separate the tango from the great city of Buenos Aires . It is the breath that moves the air; the force that grows the trees an ever darker green trimmed at top with flowers; it is the beauty of the men and the sensuality of its women; it has caused buildings to rise in glory and scupture to grace the roads. It is the constant music of sincerity causing strangers to bare their humanity... pledging love in a glance of the moment. To dance tango in Buenos Aires is to come home to love and laughter. Meeting the array of people that make up ArgentinaTango.com is to find some of the threads that sew the city together into its spectacular form. They opened their hearts and minds to us and pleased us with their warmth, intelligence and curiosity. There are few places in the world where so many positive elements converge as they do in their Tango Guest House. The tango teachers provided are superb because of their love and commitment to the dance and their ability to convey technique and enthusiasm to their students. Cynthia, who both welcomed and returned us to the airport...is grace in motion and gave us an immediate feeling that the trip would be everything we hoped for. All of this seems to be orchestrated by Carlos with whom we corresponded to set up the arrangements. We are most grateful to him for having the energy and special personal qualities needed to bring everything together giving us a taste of Buenos Aires and tango that we will never forget....and can only wait impatiently to return again!!

Ann & Willy Francois from New York, USA

Rey Villanueva, United States

"Many thanks to Argentina Tango for a great time!!! After my first tango lesson, I was hooked and requested additional classes. My friend also jumped on the tango band wagon and requested classes. Carlos/Gaby were extemely helpful, accomodated our requests, and quickly reorganized our class schedule. Our tango teachers, Andrea and Lucia, were sweethearts. They made learning tango fun and wanting to learn more. The highlight was putting all the lessons to use at our first Milonga. While we felt prepared in basic tango steps, we were not prepared for what we were about to experience at the Milonga. It was amazing!!! We were truly captivated and hypnotized by the music and the dance. Luckily, our tango dance partners, two lovely ladies (Lorena and Pelin), guided us through this experience. They were fun and taught us the milonga etiquette, along with tips in dancing in a crowd. Needless to say, we were addicted to the whole experience and ventured out on our own to other milongas the following nights. Thanks again for introducing us to the argentine tango!!! It has made a long lasting impression on me. I will definitely be back for more =) ... "


Rey Villanueva from Chicago, USA

Susan Peach, United Kingdom

I had a wonderful holiday thanks to you and I would like to tell you how much I appreciate all your hard work. I don ' t suppose I was the easiest client you ' ve had but I never felt that anything was a problem or too much trouble for you. You made me feel very welcome and I would not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends who may plan a trip to Buenos Aires . You provide an excellent service so keep up the good work and I very much hope to meet you again one day. Good luck and best wishes.

Susan Peach from London, UK

Amy Lee, United States

Argentina Tango made our trip to Buenos Aires wonderful. We did the 7-day intensive package--the instructors are fabulous. Facundo and Monica were able to give lessons to us in English--we learned a lot from them! Noemi and Alicia were so pleasant and knowledgeable about Buenos Aires. Carlos arranged for the best seats for the tango dinner & show and the gaucho fiesta. He made great recommendations on where to get women\'s tango shoes. Ed and I truly enjoyed the sights, sounds, and food of your wonderful city. Thanks so much for making this trip memorable!

Amy Lee from , USA

Helen & Martin Horn, United Kingdom

Argentina Tango were a great help in sorting out all of our Tango requirements on our recent stay in Buenos Aires. Within minutes of requesting private lessons on line (no phone calls needed, which is a help when your language skills are not all they should be) , everything was arranged for us at a dance studio near to our hotel. Facundo, our teacher was brilliant and spoke excellent English, and now after just 8 hours private coaching we can hold our own on any Tango floor. Everything was very easy to arrange and pay for via the website , and they were even able to recommend and arrange for us the best Tango show and Milonga to go to. Thanks again for helping to make our stay in Buenos Aires such a special one.

Helen & Martin Horn from London, UK

Jo Lunsford, United States

I'm very glad for the opportunity to thank you for our wonderful experience in Buenos Aires. It was definitely one of the best trips I've ever made - and that's saying a lot. Our planned activities, tango classes and overall itinerary were outstanding. The success of the many segments of our visit are obviously due to the efficiency of yourself and your friendly staff. Needless to say, I would not hesitate to recommend you or your outfit to anyone, and would do so without reservation.I was very impressed with the entire operation. Your warm, pleasant attitude did not go unnoticed in spite of the hectic schedule you must have been hiding. Thank you again for making our visit a wonderful memory. Jo Lunsford

Jo Lunsford from Oregon, USA

Henry Gonzales, United States

It was an awesome learning experience, great teachers and expect to return in the near future.

Henry Gonzales from Texas, USA

Joan Shapiro, United States

The tag line under you logo proclaims you as "The heart and soul of Argentina". I agree wholeheartedly. Your company provided me with the trip of a lifetime. I learned some incredible tango steps, made friends that I treasure and hope to have for a lifetime, and experienced the joy that is shared at the late night milongas. You showed me the beauty of Buenos Aires, its people, and some amazing shopping.

I had four outstanding teachers, each of whom gave me a new insight into the smokey, dreaming dance of the tango. I strengthened my technique and learned new steps and embellishments. I would like to especially thank you for introducing me to Sergio. He was my primary instructor. He made learning the tango a joy. He became friends not only with me but all the family members traveling with me. He made us all feel very at home and well looked after in your beautiful city. We all cried when we had to leave.

I don't know how you could have improved the experiences you provided us. They were uniformly outstanding. 

Thank you, thank you!

Joan Shapiro

Joan Shapiro from Illinois, USA

Brenda Williamson, Canada

Dear Charles, I am now back in Canada and tango seems very far away..Hard to believe it was only last week. I'm sorry that I missed seeing you again. My experience was so much fun..from going to buy shoes with you, to walking back and forth though the city everyday to the studio, to my lessons with Facundo. I can not say enough about Facundo..he is a true professional, knowledgeable, patient but so totally able to put a beginner atease. I was made to feel that I could dance even though at times I was quite awkward..he laughs easily and often making learning fun..the 2 hours flew by. I hope that I can continue studying here as I was given a good foundation in the 6 hours of classes. If you see Cynthia, please pass on my good wishes because without her I would not have had the fun that I did. also say hello to Facundo. Thank you so much Charles..Buenos Aires is special for me because I actually met people, you, Cynthia, Facondo, the girls at the shoe store, the man in the studio..for a little while I was part of something and not just another tourist.

Brenda Williamson from Toronto, Canada

Vera Wang, Taiwan

“I got good teachers from the service of ArgentinaTango, which improves my dance a lot. ArgentinaTango is a good start for people to experience the world of tango in Buenos Aires ." 

Vera Wang from Taipei, Taiwan

Lorna Galbraith-Ryan, United Kingdom

Firstly may I say that the three teachers you provided me with were absolutely fantastic. Their patience and determination suited my desire to learn very very well. I had a lot of fun and giggles and more importantly came away with a greater love of Tango than when I arrived. My teacher/milonga partner made the experience of actually taking to the floor very very enjoyable if a bit scary. Next, my guide was also excellent, she was very knowledgeable, friendly, fun, prepared to alter her route when I wanted to go back and buy more shoes! All in all an excellent person to show me around and so proud about Buenos Aires and Argentinian history which made everything interesting and enjoyable.

Lorna Galbraith-Ryan from Dorset, UK

Joanna Przyluska, United States

Thank you Argentina tango (special thanks to Carlos) for arranging my salsa classes . That's right. Even though they are specialize in tango classes, but if you are not in to tango and you want to learn salsa or other Spanish dances they will arrange this for you. I and my friend use their Internet page to book all our classes in advance. She took tango and Spanish classes I took salsa classes. Before we arrive to Buenos Aires we have all our schedule and they arrange our classes close to our hotel (just few blocks away). They also gave me information where to go and dance at night. They stuff are very qualified. I was nice surprise special that you never know when you book on line. They are real, nice people. If you planning to got to Argentina consider using this site to organize your trip.

Joanna Przyluska from New Jersey, USA

Marie-Laure Rives, United States

I have been really satisfied with my trip in Buenos Aires. It was very nice not to have to take care about anything and to follow the schedule you can easily change at your convenience. I had three different tango teachers and I loved the three of them. They all had a different way to teach and a different style and to dance with the three of them allowed me to improve even better my Tango. I was satisfied with every person I met. All were professional and very nice. I would recommend (and I will) the package to everybody! 
Best Regards.

Marie-Laure Rives from New York, USA

Robert & TJ Palmer, United States

Dear Argentina Tango,

Thank you so much for arranging the Dinner and Tango Show in Buenos Aires, we thought both the show and the dinner were excellent and good value for money.

The Tango lessons you arranged with Rachel Greenberg in Buenos Aires for my son were excellent, he learnt a great deal in the 10 hours of lessons he had and he is looking forward to continuing his lessons in the UK and intends to come back out to Buenos Aires for more Tango during his University gap year and we would be approaching Argentina Tango to arrange everything.

Please feel free to post the testimonial on your web site.

Best Regards

Robert & TJ Palmer London, UK

Robert & TJ Palmer from London, UK

Irene & Oscar Tjhung, Australia

Thank you so much for arranging our best day in Buenos Aires! We had a wonderful time at the lesson, milonga, and tango show - we are now both in love with Tango!

Kind regards,
Irene & Oscar

Irene & Oscar Tjhung from New South Wales, Australia

Bernhard Gehberger, Austria

"Argentinatango.com thanks for your assistance, Silvia and I had a really good time in Buenos Aires thanks to you. Your recommendations and suggestions were really spot on. I will return to Buenos Aires next year and I am looking forward to asking you for your help/assistance again. Many thanks again."

Bernhard Gehberger from Vienna, Austria