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8 Good reasons why YOU SHOULD advertise your apartment with us?

  1. Although Argentina Tango is privately owned, the site is backed by a dedicated team of professionals from Europe, North America & Argentina
    So if you ever need to rent your apartment to foreigners, contact us!
  2. We guarantee to maintain a high profile in all the main search engines to generate more clients for us and you.
  3. You tell us what you want for your apartment and we get it for you. We focus on Buenos Aires only.
  4. We focus on Buenos Aires only.
  5. We have online booking and reservation system, etc. Our site features one of the most advanced property reservation programs around!
  6. Get in early while you can, unlike other websites our online presence and internet traffic is very high and this will significantly increases the chances of your apartment being rented.
  7. We intend to cap the number of apartments advertised at any one time. As such, gives you a better chance of securing a booking!
  8. Guaranteed bookings - our system constantly rotates our property listings and high quality apartments will be given an exclusive status which means they will also show up at the top!

You will receive the following features to help maintain & enhance your property listing.

Property Owners Features:

  1. Listing in our database
  2. Dedicated promotional page
  3. Secure booking system
  4. Easy to use control panel
  5. Ability to choose a layout template
  6. Advanced online reservations system
  7. Lots more

If you believe your apartment will meet or exceed our expectations fill in the online no obligation application form below:

We are only interested in fully furnished apartments in the following neighborhoods: Barrio Norte, Belgrano, Central, Palermo, Puerto Madero, Recoleta ana San Telmo.

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